Frequently Asked Questions

About our products…

How hardwearing are your fabrics?

No matter what colour or fabric type you choose all our fabrics are equally hard wearing and have been selected specially to to be suitable for daily household usage. With a high rub count throughout our fabric range you can rest assured that our products are made to last.

Which mattress should I choose and how deep are your mattresses?

Its really down to personal preference when it comes to mattresses – but here’s a little guidance. As we make all our own mattresses, they are all of equal quality – so no worries there, but you might want to consider upgrading to a pocket sprung mattress if your intention is to have couples staying, it just helps prevent any ‘roll together’. If you like the cushioned feel of a memory foam mattress, and perhaps are used to sleeping on one, then this could be the choice for you.

Our pocket sprung and open coil mattresses are 14cm deep – memory foam being slightly shallower, so only 6cm less than a standard double bed mattress and so offer a very comfortable nights sleep.

Can the covers be washed and are they Scotchgarded?

All our fabrics are dry cleanable, and with the exception of our Bounce model, both seat and back cushion covers can be removed for cleaning. Should the worst happen and you have a small mark you wish to spot clean, simply give Hayley a call and she will post out some samples of your fabric for you to test cleaning products on. If you would rather call in the professionals there are many companies who offer furniture dry cleaning that can be done in situ.

We don’t Scotchgard our furniture as not everybody likes to have it done – so this decision we leave to our customers once they get their furniture home.

Why is the sofa bed mechanism important?

The choice of mechanism is the making of a sofa bed, that’s why we will only use the best two fold mechanism available in our sofa beds. With our robust two fold mechanism the sleeping area is supported by beech bed slats much like a standard bed. When assembled as a sofa the seating area is supported by webbing the same as a traditional sofa. This means that all our sofa beds ‘sit like a sofa and sleep like a bed’ giving you the best of both worlds. Inferior three fold mechanisms fold in a way that creates a much less comfortable sleeping space, and often use much thinner mattresses.

Can one person assemble and put away your sofa beds?

Yes easily! To see one of our sofa beds set up and packed away click here to read our blog which has a step by step photo guide and video.

What does your 10 year frame guarantee mean?

This means that we are so confident about the strength of our in-house manufactured frames that we are happy to put a 10-year breakage guarantee against them.

Shouldn’t I try out a sofa/sofa bed before buying?

We manufacture and sell direct to you, by not having the expense of a showroom we are able to keep our prices low. However, if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase we offer no quibble 14 day returns and full refunds on all purchases. If you’re still unsure about purchasing such a large item online feel free to take a look at our 5* customer reviews on Trustpilot.

Can I use my own fabric?

No, sadly. Our fabrics are chosen very carefully to give a top quality finish. Using fabric other than those in our range could possibly result in quality and safety issues, which simply we are not prepared to risk. We are dedicated to producing top quality furniture using fabric specially selected for the purpose. With so many fabric types and a wide range of colours, we are confident we can cater for everyones needs!

Is the timber used in your sofas from a sustainable source?

Yes. All the wood used in the framework of our products is harvested from (FSC) Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable sources, and carries our 10 year frame guarantee.

The cushions on my new furniture feel a bit firm, is this normal?

If your new sofa cushions feel a little stiff to begin with they will settle and soften over time with use. Giving them a good ‘plumping’ and flipping them over occasionally will help but most of our customers find that after a little use they soon soften. Like all new things a little ‘bedding in time’ may be required (pun intended!)

Do you have a brochure?

No, so we have included all the details you may need on our website. If you do have any questions you can contact us through live chat on the website, email, or phone and we will answer your enquiry as soon as possible. Click here for our contact details.

About your order and delivery...

Do your products come apart for delivery through tight spaces eg narrow doorways, up stairs, round tight corners?

By their nature sofa beds are often bought for small or unusual spaces where access may be an issue, and as such we have designed all our products with the option of removable arms. Our sofa bed mechanism can also be removed to facilitate delivery to a room of your choice. Once delivered to its rightful home our delivery team will be able to reassemble your furniture for you and give sofa bed customers a demonstration of how to set up and pack down your sofa bed.

How can I track the progress of my order? Will it arrive on time?

We aim to deliver sofa beds and matching sofa/ chair orders within 28 days and all other sofas and chairs within eight weeks, but at certain busy times of the year like Christmas this may vary. For an update on your order progress please email or call Hayley and she will be able to track your sale’s status. Full contact details can be found here.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

We don’t offer international delivery at the moment but we are more than happy to deliver your furniture free of charge to a shipping company of your choice.

What happens if I’m not happy with my order when it arrives?

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your order for any reason please get in touch so that we can personally assist in solving any problems. If the issue cannot be resolved and you would like to return your order then we offer free no quibble 14 day returns, with a full refund

What happens to my old furniture if I opt for recycling at the checkout?

You can select the option to have your old furniture collected and recycled by us when we deliver your new purchase. All old furniture taken for recycling is systematically broken down by hand into its separate components and everything that can be recycled (such as metal and wood) is. Any materials that remain which are unable to be recycled are disposed of. We have been inspired by The Great Recovery to urge all our customers to think carefully about how they dispose of old furniture. All new orders we send out are accompanied by a pamphlet detailing the importance of recycling, and how you can help your old furniture have a new lease of life.

Payment and security...

Are my bank details safe with you? How can I pay?

We use PayPal to process payments which means that you submit your payment details directly to PayPal. We never collect any financial data from our customers. PayPal is used by 7 million businesses worldwide and 20 million shoppers in the UK regularly use PayPal. You can shop with peace of mind because PayPal will not share your sensitive financial details with third parties and PayPal Buyer Protection means your purchases are insured.

Can I read your customer reviews? How do I leave a customer review?

We encourage all our customers to leave us a review on the 3rd party review website Trustpilot. Trustpilot is a service that verifies reviews so that you can be sure you are reading real feedback from genuine customers. You can read our latest customer reviews on our Trustpilot profile here.

We really appreciate it when our customers leave us a review because as a small business it’s a great way to help spread ‘online word of mouth’ about our business. So if you have a few spare minutes please do leave us a review. Click here to leave a review.

Thank you