Our Fabrics

At Sofa Bed Sofa we have invested a great deal of time in selecting a great range of fabrics, sourced from the finest fabric mills worldwide. It sounds simple we know, but behind these decisions lies a number of factors.

Is the fabric attractive?

Any fabric that we couldn't personally live with in our homes simply doesn’t make it into our ranges.

Is it hard wearing?

We build chairs, sofas and sofa beds which are made to last, if the fabric starts looking tired within a short space of time then you won’t find it on our furniture.

Does it suit our designs?

This is where years of design experience pays off. Some fabrics work well with more contemporary designs, others are better with more traditional shapes. Of course there is no right or wrong way but below is an introduction to our fabric families with some notes from our designers to help you find the perfect fabric choice for your furniture.


Whether you want to play safe or be bold, our gorgeous range of velvet fits the bill. Soft and luxurious without the sheen you get with some velvet resulting in a pleasing matt finish. This range will bring life and excitement to your home.


A soft and luxurious chenille with a subtle texture in a sophisticated range of colours. Soft to the touch but extremely hard-wearing – a great choice.


As the name suggests our Soft Chenille has a lovely feel, with slightly more of a linen texture than our popular Cotton Mix – one for those who want a slightly more contemporary feel.


We chose this chenille fabric because of its outstanding looks and wide colour range, the textured effect giving it a more earthy feel. Rustic describes the collection very well.


A beautiful fabric range with more of a basket weave design. Extremely versatile, it can be used to great effect in  both traditional and contemporary design schemes. A real winner.


This is a hugely popular fabric. It is extremely hard wearing and will keep its appeal for many years to come. Timeless, versatile and beautiful, this is a hugely popular fabric. 


From the same family as our popular Oxford range, but with a slight difference. Woven into a tighter pattern than Oxford resulting in a somewhat finer fabric lending itself to the more contemporary environment – one of our favourites.


The name says it all – a very durable, contemporary looking fabric with timeless appeal giving a smart, sophisticated and up to the moment look.


Very different from the other chenille in our range offering a smart, smooth effect. This highly versatile fabric works well on any model.


A small range of three core colours with a tightly woven design. Looks great on our more modern shapes and is perfect for our square armed models.