What colour sofa should you buy? Swatch this space!

A sofa is one of the top three furniture expenditures in your home (bed and dining furniture being the others) and with the average Briton replacing their sofa every 7 years it’s an investment you want to get right. 3 years down the road that lime green leather recliner might not look like such a good idea! Here are our top tips on how to choose the right colour sofa for your home.


What came first the sofa or the setting?

Choosing a sofa to fit in with existing décor and furniture is a totally different prospect to starting with a blank canvas and basing your room design around your new sofa. Work out which camp you are in before rushing to make a purchase

If you’re picking a new sofa to fit in with existing décor here are a few things you might want to consider. Look down, what colour is the floor? many people forget all about flooring and how that impacts on the look of the sofa in a space. Having a high contrast between the floor and the sofa colour will make the sofa stand out and possibly dominate in the room. Choosing a colour in the same tone or complimentary colour palette as the flooring will help the sofa blend into the room better, appear less imposing, and make the space seem bigger. Like this example below where the sofa, flooring and wall colour all ‘tone in’ together.

neutral sofa colour

If you want your new sofa to fit in with your existing chairs, curtains, and rugs, etc it doesn't have to match! Long gone are the days of the colour coordinated ‘3 piece suite’. You can pick a new sofa that seamlessly gels with your existing décor by choosing one in the same colour scheme, or if you are feeling a little more adventurous pick out an accent colour from a painting, curtains, or lamp etc and choose your new sofa in a similar tone. This will produce a stylish new look that seems as if the sofa has been there all along. The blue from the rug, lamp and painting here helps tie in the statement navy sofa. Reflecting the floral pattern on the chairs with floral images on the sofa cushions makes the room work as a whole.

navy sofa

Get some swatches now!

Choosing the shape of your sofa is the easy part but getting the colour right is where lots of people start to struggle, our advice is always make sure you get some fabric swatches they will save the day. Don’t be afraid to create your own mood board they are not just for interior designers. Simple tear pictures out of magazines that you like and assemble those along with paint colours and fabric swatches in the room that you are planning to redecorate.


When it comes to fabric swatches a good rule of thumb is to pick the colour you think you like the most then choose one lighter and one darker than that. Place these swathes in the room the sofa is intended for and make a mental note of how they look throughout the day as the lighting changes. You might be surprised by which colour you actually plump for after this!


If you are a ‘colourphobe’ and prefer to stick to a neutral palette as many people do, then pay particular attention to the lighting in your home. Good lighting can make a neutral colour scheme look fantastic, poor lighting can make it all look just a little bit drab. Again make sure you pick a wide variety of neutral tones to try out in your home before you buy, not all neutrals are created equal!


The benefit of neutral colours is that for very little money you can change the cushions and throws on your sofa and create a fresh new look. Look at these two similar coloured sofas below One dressed with pastels and pinks looks fresh, summery and spring like. When winter comes around simply switch out the summer accessories in favour of heavier fabrics, darker more dominant colours for a sumptuous cosy look.


Need some colour inspiration?

If you want to branch out into colour a muted tone could be the way to go. Muted blues, greens and yellows are very versatile and with a quick cushion cover change you can have a whole new look (check out our previous #styledby blog post for some sofa dressing inspiration)

If you simply don’t know where to start when it comes to selecting a colour look inside and out. Is there a recurring accent colour in the room that maybe you could pick out and use for your new sofa? If the room has views of the garden or French doors then bring a little of the outside in with colour inspiration from your outside space. Look at this pale blue sofa with hints of green and white echoing the colours that can be seen out the window, beautiful.


Create the atmosphere

Lastly consider the type of room you are buying the sofa for. Is it a lively active entertaining space, or a calm tranquil restful area? Lighter colours will make a room feel bigger and peaceful, where as bright strong colours will add an energy to the room, ideal for communal entertaining spaces.

So now you have the know how all you need are the swatches to start visualising your new sofa. Request your free swatches today and we will pop them in the post.


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