6 top tips to make a sofa bed more comfortable

The short answer is buy one from us!

Shameless plug over here are our top tips on how to get the most restful night’s sleep out of a sofa bed. Sofa beds have had a bad rap over the years, from their early futon beginnings they've come a long way and now offer a space saving and stylish solution to that spare bed problem.

Being fanatical about furniture we've bounced, flopped, loafed, slouched, and sprawled out across our fair share of sofa beds over the years and are confident that ours are the best on the market. Very often multifunctional furniture is not all it’s cracked up to be, and works well in one format but fails in the other. Because of this we relentlessly road tested our designs before coming up with the final models to ensure all ours ‘sit like a sofa, and sleep like a bed’

If you have an old or tired sofa bed don’t worry there are a few ways in which you can improve comfort levels and give your guests a better reception. Here are our top 6 tips on how to make a sofa bed more comfortable


#1 - Mattress maketh the bed

If you’re using your sofa bed just as an occasional bed you might be tempted to scrimp on mattress quality, but opting for the best mattress possible really does pay off in the long run. We offer 3 types of mattress so you can select the perfect level of ‘squish’ for a great night’s kip. If your existing sofa bed has a thin or tired mattress all is not lost though. For relatively little outlay you can buy a mattress topper to bolster your existing mattress and provide additional comfort. If you have a spare duvet then in a pinch that can also improve the comfort of an old sofa bed. Lay the duvet on top of the mattress and secure in place with a fitted sheet over the top. Your guests will thank you for these little efforts that can improve comfort no end.

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#2 - Spare bedding storage

It’s tempting to save time and effort and simply close up your sofa bed with the guest bedding in situ, but this is a big mistake. The extra width of a duvet and pillows folded in with the mattress plays havoc with the mechanism, and sitting on all this when folded into the sofa position can damage and distort the mattress base. If you want your sofa bed to last, and provide the best night’s sleep possible be sure to remove and store all additional bedding.

sofa bed

#3 - Between the sheets

Decking out your sofa bed with quality bed linen will give your guests a great night’s sleep, so good you might have trouble getting them to leave! Egyptian cotton has a high thread count which increases comfort levels considerably. If you are feeling flush (and really like your guests ;) ) then linen bedding makes for satisfying slumber. Linen has thermo-insulation properties which means it works at keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. No need for extra blankets or hot water bottles, and the more linen is washed the softer it gets, dreamy.

linen bedding

#4 - Don’t forget to flip!

For a quick fix don’t forget to flip your mattress regularly,, 4 times a year is recommended. Just like with your own bed, repeated pressure from sleeping bodies can lead to lumps and bumps. Giving your mattress a regular flip will help to prevent any deep depressions, keeping it flatter for longer. Hotels keep track of their mattress flipping antics by marking each end of a mattress: one says "January" (right side up) and "April" (upside down), the other "October" (right side up) and "July" (upside down). All you need to do then is just adjust the mattress so that the appropriate month's name is right side up at the foot of the bed, ingenious!

flip your mattress

#5 - Cushions, cushions & more cushions

You can NEVER have too many cushions, fact! Everyone has their own special pillow arrangement when sleeping, you might like them big and bouncy or flat as a pancake. If you dress your sofa bed with cushions of varying sizes then these can double up a boosters for pillows when guests stay. Cushions are also great to stuff in any gaps that might appear at the side of the mattress, ensuring a cosy comfy place to sleep

sofa bed cushions

#6 - It’s the little things

Now your sofa bed is dressed and ready to receive guests a few little touches will really get their stay off to a great start. Some choccies on the pillow, bottled water (or wine!) and possibly even some mini toiletries as a little ‘welcome gift’ will be a lovely surprise for any house guest. Hopefully this will mean they go to bed relaxed and happy, not counting sheep.

welcome guests


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  • Can you buy a sofa bed where you can put quilt pillows inside the sofa, neatly tucked away?

    • Hi Peter,

      We don't advise that you leave the bedding on (pillows duvet etc) when folding the sofa bed away as the extra thickness from the bedding could strain/damage the mechanism when you then sit on it in sofa mode. Our sofa beds are not designed to have bedding in place when shut so we keep our spare bedding in a cupboard. If you'd like to have the bedding on hand then a hollow boxy style footstool is a great storage option, will be a useful addition to your sofa and no one will realise what's inside!

      Hope that helps

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