#Styledby Lux & Bloom

Bringing a little hand-drawn luxury to the Sofa Bed Sofa showroom for our #styledby series is Bath based home-wares brand Lux & Bloom. Originally from Glasgow their founder Louise Rushford studied art and dance in London and spent her early years as a professional dancer until returning to her artistic roots and launching her home accessories brand.

It was clearly a great decision as her boutique brand that she exhibits at numerous trade shows around the country received a highly commended award at Scotland's Trade Fair. Every design starts out as a hand drawn sketch and then the fabric is digitally printed at Glasgow School of Art and local highly skilled craftsmen are then employed to produce the finished product. 100% British style and quality.

Above our Bounce sofa bed in grey 'Stone Trough' fabric has been accessorised with Lux & Bloom pure silk "Rosabunda" cushion, "Crow Patrol" gothic grey velvet cushion, and "Crow Patrol" tassel edged throw.

Above our Jumbo sofa bed in 'Charcoal Herringbone' fabric has been sumptuously stuffed with cushions. A luxurious mix of Lux & Bloom "Bill's Bees" design velvet and silk various sized cushions. The grey and purple hues in the design perfectly compliment the herringbone fabric and give it a luxurious look.

For a pop of colour this "Little Finches" design has a vibrant orange accent against the pale blue background to bring summery vibes to your sofa.

For a modern twist on classic stripes these "Mr Magpie" cushions provide a quirky take on that classic look. Cotton fronted with a contrasting light grey velvet backing means you can reverse the cushions for a plain look, or keep the magpies facing front for a bird life inspired interior.

In addition to dressing our latest showroom models we asked Louise for some of her top styling tips for your home, and this is what she had to say...

  • Don't go colour crazy, choose two key colours to compliment the shade of your sofa, and mix up textures instead.
  • Experiment with size and shape. Choose a variety of cushion sizes and consider a bolster as an alternative to the traditional square shape.
  • Try to avoid formal styling, scrap the symmetrical, evenly placed cushions and don't overthink it. Just plump the cushions and drape a throw across one corner for a relaxed luxe look.




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