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This month we’re teaming up with a local boutique to kick off our #styledby series. We’re inviting guest designers to come and style our showroom sofas and sofa beds with their own unique touch. Kathryn Shayler owner of Keylime Design specialises in unique, fun designs for cushions, art prints, cards and gifts. Based just down the road in Bath make sure you check out her online shop if you’re in the mood for some retail therapy.

keylime designs

The style: ‘Modern Graphic Prints’

All Keylime Design pieces are exclusively designed and produced in house. From initial ideas to the final printed piece the whole product journey takes place in their Bath sewing studio. The subject of their designs are traditional animal and floral prints modernised for 2015 with a digital twist. Traditional quality materials are the basis of every design, and as such they seek out the best of British fabrics, printing on organic cotton and top notch linens.

“These sofa beds are a cut above what you normally see! I chose to dress the Flair, Polka, Bridge, and Orbit models because three of them offered a lovely pastel colour pallet: cream, soft grey, and powder blue. The Polka in its zingy ‘cyber grape’ purple is so vibrant, which I love!

I guess a sofa bed can sometimes be an afterthought, an additional piece of furniture bought out of need rather than desire for that 'must have' piece to finish a room, so I wanted to show how a plain colour sofa can become the star of the show with a splash of colourful cushions” - Kathryn

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Refresh your look

Many of the cushions from Keylime’s range are reversible, so if you want to refresh your interior look, just flip them over and mix and match. The use of zips at the base of each cushion mean that there's no right or wrong side.

The Flair in powder blue has been teamed with coordinating polka dot cushions, these are all over dots on one side and a single spotty star in the centre of the reverse side. Go matchy matchy with all the blue sides showing or add a little feature focus with these pom pom edged bolster cushions in a puppy print. Being dog lovers we heartily approve of this k9 pattern.

flairkl flairkl2 flairkl3 flairkl4 flairkl5 flairkl6 flairkl7

Get that dog ON the sofa!

“Who knew that a cushion could be a talking point? Displaying a favourite pet as a feature cushion will certainly do that!”

When paired with plain cushions in contrasting or complimentary fabric Keylime’s pet cushions are extremely popular. For the shoot Kathryn brought along her bestselling pet cushions the black cat, chihuahua and pug, she has many more breed designs dachshund, labrador, and border terrier to name a few, see them all here.

We think our Orbit in daisy cream with these cheeky pet prints looks fab, fancy something a little different? simply flip them over to the more muted soft grey ticking stripes, and voila a whole new look in less than 5 minutes!

orbitkl2orbit sofa  orbitkl3

50 shades of grey

Grey is one of the most on trend and popular colours at the moment. Multiple grey tones grouped together looks super stylish, and from dark gun metal grey to the palest of hues we think it’s a fantastic colour for any home.

On the Bridge in ‘blue grey’ fabric these grey toned garden inspired cushions work a treat. The pixelated bee motif is an updated version of a favourite design.

bridgekl3bridge sofa bridgekl2bridgekl1Art inspired interiors

Last but definitely not least our Polka in 'cyber grape' was adorned with these fantastic pop art inspired cushions. Chrysanthemum, Cosmos and Gerbera designs inspired by the work of Julian Opie who recently exhibited locally in Bath. The bright acid colours work so well with the vibrant purple.

We think this purple Polka would look great in a pared back contemporary setting where it would absolutely steal the show.

polka sofa polkakl4polkakl2 polkakl3 polkakl5

Keylime Designs Top Interiors Tip

  • Reversible cushions - You can get two looks for the price of one!
  • Use a variety of sizes with 'feature' cushions to created a well dressed sumptuous look
  • Keep different sets of cushions for each season so you can ring the changes through the year
  • Most importantly, have fun! Interiors do not need to be so serious and cushions are a quick and easy affordable way to change the look of a room instantly, and inject a little humour.


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