How to open and close your sofa bed

Opening and closing a sofa bed seems like second nature to us but we often have customers enquiring about how to do this, and if it’s possible for a single person to set up and disassemble one of our sofa beds. The mechanism we use inside our sofa beds is the best on the market. It’s robust and strong, yet light enough for one person to pull out, assemble and fold away with minimal effort.

When our delivery team arrive with your sofa bed they always carry out a demonstration of how to set up, and take down the bed so that you’re familiar with the process.

Just in case you need a refresher here’s our step-by-step picture guide and video on how to open, set up, and close your sofa bed. We've highlighted in blue at each stage the areas you will need to adjust in order to set up your sofa bed.

1/ Remove all the loose cushions and set aside for later



2/ Lift up the mechanism cover sheet (revealing the mattress and mechanism beneath) and fold down the fabric cover over the front of the sofa base



3/ Take hold of the mechanism by the front bar nearest to you and lift upwards bringing the mechanism and mattress out of the base


4/ Continue bringing the mechanism up and towards you and the leg of the mattress will automatically begin to open out and lower into position


5/ Pull the mechanism all the way out until the leg is down, and then reach to the end of the mattress to unfold the final third of the mechanism


6/ Pull out the end leg and lift the mattress end towards you to unfold it totally


7/ Make sure both legs are in the fixed open position and unfold the remaining mattress fully into the bed position


8/ Your sofa bed in now fully extended. Take your back sofa cushions and place these at the end of the mattress to fill the gap and make a padded ‘headboard’. Now you can dress the bed ready for your guests!



To pack away your sofa bed simply reverse the process, making sure to remove any bedding, as folding bedding in with the mattress can damage the mechanism.

View the whole process from start to finish in our videos below.

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