Why are our sofa beds are so comfy?

We are proud to say that our sofa beds are some of the most comfortable ones around, gone are the days of the sofa bed being used as a last resort, with guesting being left with bad backs due to an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Now is the era of the cosy, comfortable sofa bed! and with SofaBedSofa you can choose one of three fantastic mattress options depending on your needs.

Here are the options for the best sofa bed night’s sleep of your life. You might be a little surprised at what we can offer hidden away in our sofas:

Open Sprung

Open Sprung Mattress

This is the standard option we supply, with classic open sprung features you’d expect to see in any mattress. With heat treated open coil springs and generous layers of comfortable upholstery for extreme comfort, this option is hand tufted with secure deep layers of upholstery. Not to mention our luxurious damask cover incorporating our attractive Sofa Bed Sofa logo.

Pocket Sprung

Pocket Sprung Mattress

Pocket sprung mattresses contain springs that are individually sewn into fabric pockets meaning that the mattress will respond to your every movement. This deep sprung pocketed mattress includes row after row of individual springs contained in their own “pocket” ensures minimum roll together and outstanding comfort. Its fabulous layers of sumptuous upholstery ensure the ultimate night's sleep, with hand tufting that secures deep layers of upholstery. Not to mention again our luxurious damask cover incorporating our attractive Sofa Bed Sofa logo.

Memory Foam 

Memory Foam Mattress

Unlike spring mattresses, memory foam moulds to the shape of your body ensuring the best comfort for you as an individual. This is a deep high resilient foam topped with forgiving memory foam. Not to mention it has a removable stretch cover offering maximum comfort which allows heat to dissipate keeping you cool at night. This gives you a super comfortable and pressure absorbing mattress allowing the sleeper a peaceful night’s sleep.

Yawn, I could drift off right now thinking about the comfort of our mattresses. But hold on I forgot the best part! The real magic is hidden away in the mechanism, that's what really makes our sofa bed the best around! We have designed all of our sofas to “sit like a sofa and sleep like a bed,” giving you the best of both worlds. A truly comfortable sofa that allows you to both sit and sleep in comfort. We have achieved this by using the best two folding mechanism on the market. Combining flexible webbing beneath the seat cushions and laminated beech slats under the mattress that produces a stylish sofa and a comfortable bed.

So there you have it, if you wish to know more about our mattresses or want to come visit our lovely show room then please call 01380 828 666 to arrange your visit.  In the mean time we have some other tips about our sofa beds, why not check them out.

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