Ideas and inspiration from the Ideal Home Show 2015

Last week we popped up to the Ideal Home Show to take in the sights and get inspired by some of the cutting edge products and designs on display. This event never disappoints when it comes to innovation and aspiration - we came away with a wish list a mile long!

We’re always keen to find out new space saving ideas, as house sizes shrink and inner city accommodation rises to a premium people are having to adapt more and more to compact and flexible living arrangements.

Ideal Home Show 2015

To demonstrate just how you can make a small space work The Gap House measuring just 3 meters wide was one of the show homes on display. Packed full of space saving ideas but only the equivalent width of a car parking pace, it really highlighted how if you live smart you can live big!

the gap house

We were pleased to see a fold away bed that converted into a study space. It wasn't quite a sofa bed but it’ll have to do ;)

The Gap House was sandwiched between replicas of No 10 and No 11 Downing Street, Steve couldn't resist posing for a quick snap by the infamous sign, albeit a fake version

ideal home

Future trends

Looking out for colour trends obviously it was hard to miss the current obsession with grey, everyone seems to be painting wood, and walls and anything that stays still long enough a tasteful shade of grey (and no that isn't a reference to the book!). Blue and pink also seem to be growing in popularity which we were pleased to see. After the mass neutralisation of interiors and décor at the start of the millennium it’s nice to see people beginning to get brave with colour again. Although there’s brave and then there’s overconfident like this phone box inspired red sofa we spotted - yikes!!!

phone box sofa

Cool Britannia

Patriotic touches were also everywhere and none other than HRH Prince Charlie himself seemed to be overjoyed by this armchair. We can’t really blame him either we’re big fans of British manufacturing and design and make all our products right here in the UK.

prince charles

All in all it was a fab day out, great to keep our fingers on the pulse of cutting edge interiors and we've picked up some design ideas for future collections so watch this space!


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