How to dispose of an old sofa

The only downside about buying new furniture is working out what to do with the old furniture. Large, cumbersome and heavy it’s not exactly easy to find a way to get rid of a sofa so here are some solutions to that age old problem, how can I dispose of my old sofa? We'll give you a clue, we don't recommend fly tipping!

Recycle your old sofa when your new one arrives

Firstly and probably the most simple solution is to make use of our recycling option when you place an order for your new furniture. For just £60 when we deliver your new sofa we will collect, take away and recycle your old one, what could be easier? We recycle old furniture by breaking it down into its component parts so that the raw materials used to make it can be reused, reducing landfill and helping end-of-life products live again as something else.



Donate your old sofa to charity

Over £435 million pounds worth of repairable furniture is thrown away every year so if your old sofa still has life left in it and complies with current fire regulations then you could donate it to a good cause.

British Heart Foundation furniture collection

The British Heart Foundation will collect unwanted but still usable furniture as long as it is in good working order for FREE. Simply give them a call or contact them online to arrange collection and your old furniture could be sold in one of their charity shops to raise money for research into heart conditions. One lamp and one sofa could fund a British Heart Foundation researcher for a day, you’ll never look at your old furniture in the same light again!

Help your local community with Freecycle

Online swap shop is a non-profit volunteer run website connecting local people who are giving and getting stuff for free. Sign up and join your local group then post the item you have to give away and see who responds saying they would like it. Once you have a collector interested you then liaise with them directly to organise a time and location that is convenient for you both for them to come and collect the item. It’s a great way to meet new local people, and join in on the popular ‘pay it forward’ movement by doing something selfless. Whilst this might not be the quickest way to solve the problem of your spare sofa it does definitely deliver when it comes to the feel good factor.


Waste Collection

Many local councils offer a large item collection service for a small fee. You can check if your council does this just click here to see how much they charge and what types of items they will collect. To give you an idea of cost Wiltshire County Council charge around £10 per item. Once you contact them you will be given a collection date, instructions on where to leave your item for collection and your items will be collected at any time during that day.

Household Recycling centre

If you have other items as well as your old sofa to dispose of then why not take a trip to your local recycling centre. It is hugely satisfying to have a ‘spring clean’ at any time of year and clear out the clutter from your home. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used or missed it in the last 6 months then you probably don’t need it. William Morris had his own mantra when it came to what deserved house room and what didn't.


Unless you have a large car, trailer or can borrow a big vehicle transporting a sofa yourself might be a little tricky, but not impossible. If you can break your sofa down then that will make things easier, but if you do run out of room in the car, we’d advise that you make additional trips rather than do something like this!

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Up-cycle it!

If you've been caught up in the recent wave of up-cycling that’s taking the nation by storm then this could be the opportunity you've been waiting for! Kirsty Allsopp has a lot to answer for as crafty types all around the country are turning coffee tables in to foot stools and bath tubs into chairs, so what could you make with your old sofa?


The easiest option for apprentice up-cyclers would be to turn your sofa cushions into some handy floor cushions for summer picnics outside. Simply save the removable sofa cushions, trim them to your desired shape. Pick out some hard-wearing fabric and get busy on a sewing machine making some snazzy new covers for them. Add a fabric handle for easy carrying and tassels, piping or button studs for extra crafty points!

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Using the same principles you could also turn any unwanted sofa cushions into a sumptuous padded dog bed. Choose a non slip fabric for the underside of the cover and a warm hard-wearing one for the top (we suggest a nice tweed). That way when your dog jumps on its bed it won’t travel across the floor and it will provide a cosy place to curl up. Make your cover removable so you can wash it when muddy paws make a mess.

If you’re a crafting pro then you might want to have a go at this amazing up-cycled project. What was once a tired old leather sofa has been turned into a stylish leather safari sling bench. Vintage Revivals we salute you for a job well done!



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  • My old Dad - in his 90's - has always been a make and mend man much to my late Mum's despair as she always wanted nice things. Lately however my father has come back into fashion and is doing the eco thing. All the dogs we've owned - we are on our 5th - have slept on our old sofa cushions. For about the past 30 years.

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