Our 10 Tips For Pancake Day

It's Pancake Day! Get the batter ready because it's going to be a flippin' good one.
Here are our Top 10 Dos & Don'ts for when you're making these delicious treats.

1. DO use all the topping combinations you can think of. Ham and melted cheese, banana and Nutella, not forgetting the classic sugar and lemon juice.

2. DON'T buy them from a shop! They're so quick and easy to make (here's our fave recipe) and homemade always taste better, than shop bought.

3. DO try pancake art. Get creative and see if you can turn your hand to this latest craze for creative cuisine.

4. DON'T leave your pancakes unattended, they're irresistible!

5. DO indulge yourself, after all Pancake Day only happens once a year so tuck in!

6. DON'T attempt to flip your pancake unless you've perfected the technique or have spare pancake mix.

7. DO show off your skills if you are a pancake pro

8. DO use Pancake Day as an excuse to entertain friends and share the occasion with the ones you love

9. DO serve them piping hot, they cool down fast so don't wait too long to take that first bite.

10. DON'T worry if you've forgotten all about Pancake Day. Pancakes are good any day of the year so whip up some batter and have them whenever you feel like it!


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