Colour me purple! - How to use purple in your home

The colour purple has a strong heritage; traditionally used as a colour to represent lent, and having adorned the vetements of numerous monarchs, it's a colour with significant historical clout that can be intimidating to modern muted interior tastes. Don't be scared of embracing purple though as used sparingly in a light shade it can add a spring-like flavour to a room with its cool floral tones. If you feel like being bold then layering deep purples together can create a saturated and sumptuous look.

All our furniture is fully customisable so you can choose from 48 colours and 10 different fabrics. We currently have five fabrics with purple tones available in our Spring/Summer 16 collection so if you were to pluck up the courage to pick purple one of these could work beautifully in your home.


If you want to add a light sprinkling of purple to a neutral colour scheme here are some suggestions.

Take a neutral, cool-toned sofa, here is our Bounce model in Platinum Grey

lrg3str_bounce_denim_platinumAdd some subtle purple hues with floral and patterned scatter cushions.


Echo these colours in other furnishings like lampshades and a soft throw for the sofa. You can tie the whole colour scheme together with a purple coffee table plant in the centre of the room. Subtle lilac and mauve tones will add zest and interest to the neutral pallet.

purple5  purple7

If you want to be bold and make a statement then a feature sofa in a standout shade will do the trick.

Here is our Polka model in a vivid shade of purple.


This look is not for the faint-hearted! Team the strong furniture colour choice with a bold paint on the walls. Deep blues, dark greys and even black can provide a fabulously dramatic backdrop to this statement piece.

purple8 purple11 purple10 purple9

Using materials such as velvet, leather, dark wood, high shine mirrors and metallics in your accessories will add to the feel of this high-end indulgent look. Ideal for a space where you wish to entertain, the sense of theatre will pervade the room.

So if you've never considered purple before then hopefully we've given you some tips and ideas on how to introduce this often overlooked colour into your own home.


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