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  • What colour sofa should you buy? Swatch this space!

    A sofa is one of the top three furniture expenditures in your home (bed and dining furniture being the others) and with the average Briton replacing their sofa every 7 years it’s an investment you want to get right. 3 years down the road that lime ...

  • #styledby Keylime Design

    This month we’re teaming up with a local boutique to kick off our #styledby series. We’re inviting guest designers to come and style our showroom sofas and sofa beds with their own unique touch. Kathryn Shayler owner of Keylime Design speciali ...

  • 6 top tips to make a sofa bed more comfortable

    The short answer is buy one from us! Shameless plug over here are our top tips on how to get the most restful night’s sleep out of a sofa bed. Sofa beds have had a bad rap over the years, from their early futon beginnings they've come a long way an ...

  • ‘Binge-watching’ TV: Coming to a living room near you!

    Britain is a nation of ‘telly addicts’, consuming on average 30 hours of TV each every week. That’s roughly 4 hours a day, mainly devoted to old repeats of Friends and Grand Designs in our household - a scary thought! Our love for the goggl ...

  • 30 of the best quote cushions for 10 types of home

    Someone once said ‘you can never have too many cushions’. That someone was us. In our opinion nothing sets off a sofa or completes a freshly made bed quite like a smattering of colourful cushions. We can’t get comfy without at least 3 cushions ...

  • Sofa bed evolution - the good, the bad, and the downright uncomfortable!

    So you thought that sofa beds died out with the teas-made and the trouser press? Think again! Modern sofa beds are almost unrecognisable compared to their early counterparts; no longer are they thin, lumpy, squeaky and uncomfortable. The latest gen ...

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