Buying bespoke furniture, what are the benefits?

When the time comes to purchase a new sofa you may have some requirements that are a must for your needs. Whether this is the fabric, the style or even the size, you may find it tricky to find the perfect piece that suites both your tastes and your home. That is why we are here; to make you the sofa you’ve always been looking for, and even better, we also make bespoke sofa beds too!

Not already convinced? no problem. Here are more reasons why going bespoke is best way to buy your new cosy lounge piece.

bespoke sofa - Quality

When buying a sofa you are making an investment, not buying an off the shelf item that will be ready for recycling in a few years time. Therefore it is important to ensure you are buying a quality piece that will give you peace of mind. All of our sofas and sofa beds are made with the same top quality materials. No matter which size or range, you are getting the same solid interior structure that is made to last.

bespoke sofa - Colour

So let’s say you want a neutral grey sofa in a soft linen texture, sounds simple right? You also have in mind the exact shape and size you would like, suddenly finding this item becomes a trickier task. Being able to design and configure every aspect of our products to your personal taste means you can have exactly what you want and there's no extra cost.

bespoke sofa - Which size is best?

People have different shaped houses and rooms, this means what may be the perfect fit in one space, may not be the same in another. It is recommended to always measure out your space so you know what will look perfect there. Maybe bring out the masking tape and mark down the exact size you want your new sofa to be. Then head over to the website and see if it is a small, medium or large sofa which will work for your home.

bespoke sofa - unique sofa just for you
Imagine buying a lovely new sofa then popping over to a friend's home to find they have practically the same piece sitting there in their living room. No fear with bespoke as you are creating exactly the piece of your dreams. This isn’t an off the rack item, it’s all yours.

bespoke sofa - style
Curved arm or square arm? Dark feet or light feet? These are the questions that come to mind when thinking about what style to choose. There are so many different sofa shapes out there it can become a little overwhelming to find. With bespoke you can choose the best style for you, then build the rest of your sofa from there.

bespoke sofa - Choose the perfect mattress

Gone are the days of uncomfortable sofa bed mattresses that leave your guests with a bad back. Now you can choose between the standard open coil, pocket sprung or memory foam mattress to best suite you or your guests' needs. There’s a blog post coming soon about the benefits of choosing the right mattress, make sure you keep your eye out for it.

bespoke sofa - Most important, it's hassle free

If for any reason you aren't happy with your bespoke item when it arrives we offer no quibble free returns. Our customer service is also 5* (see our Trustpilot page here for the latest customer reviews) so pick up the phone and speak to us if you have any problem, we can sort it. If you want to make the financial commitment of your furniture easier we offer 0% interest free credit on your purchase for 12 months too! Simply select this option at the checkout to spread your payments.


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