30 of the best quote cushions for 10 types of home

Someone once said ‘you can never have too many cushions’. That someone was us.

In our opinion nothing sets off a sofa or completes a freshly made bed quite like a smattering of colourful cushions. We can’t get comfy without at least 3 cushions to cuddle up with when vegging out. Why 3? because we think they look best when clustered in odd numbers. We also believe that they are an essential ingredient for breakfast in bed. A quick cushion plumping and the scene is set to sit up and tuck in to tea and toast from the depths of the duvet.

Quote cushions are all the rage at the moment and it’s a trend we’ve embraced fully in our own homes. A witty, thoughtful, or funny quote can inject personality into your living space and accessorising with cushions is a cheap and easy way to breathe life into old tired décor for very little cost.

We’ve compiled our fave 3 quote cushions for 10 types of home. If you’re sporty, lazy, or a certified telly addict there’s a quote cushion out there for you - Check ‘em out below!


1/ Doggy Style

If yours is the type of home where the dog IS allowed on the furniture then these cushions will be right up your street. From Chihuahua  to Great Dane our K9 companions seemingly have no concept of their own size when it comes to joining us on the sofa! Our fave is this lime green and polka dot design, adding a pop of citrus colour, and we agree people who don't love dogs shouldn’t be trusted. They’re usually hiding something….like narcotics in their shoe at airport security!
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2/ Sitting Witty

If you like a little humour in your home then these needlepoint numbers will get you giggling. At first glance they look twee and like something Grandma might make but look closer and all is revealed. We particularly like ‘super lazy’ if only that was considered a superpower!

Untitled-1handmade cushion cush3

3/ Feline Friends

The puuurrrrrrfect addition to any sofa for a cat lover is their moggy, after all they are the original heated furry cushions! Cat lovers will know though that our feline friends are fickle. Just when you want to curl up and cuddle they decide it’s the right time instead to murder some wildlife and bring you the spoils. Whilst you’re waiting for your cat’s company get comfy with these cushions. Remember you don’t own the cat, it owns you!

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4/ Beach Bums

There comes a time at the end of the day when every beach bum has to dust off the sand, pack up the picnic, and come indoors, even if indoors is still a beach hut. If you have a passion for the ocean why not reflect this in your décor? We have a feeling that the phrase ‘happier than a seagull with a French fry’ might catch on.

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5/ Bring Outdoors Indoors

For those of you who really aren't home birds and love nothing more than being out in the garden or enjoying the great outdoors, when you do eventually come home to roost sit back and relax on one of these choice cushions. Self sufficient veg patch enthusiasts might like this nod to Tom and Barbara Good, made in a suitably rustic and durable fabric. For beard sporting, wood chopping, lumberjacks (you know the type) this Henry Ford quote is just the ticket.

adventurous cushions 14000ec2eab1c08b92eb95fae10aa1bc f9fc4581d154d0201ccecbd198286466

6/ Love Birds

If you’re trying to inject a little more romance into your sofa time then how about enlisting the help of these cushion accomplices?. From subtle hints ‘we should probably cuddle now’ to downright blatant ‘shut up and kiss me’ you can pick your tactic. Just don’t forget to turn them over when the mother-in-law pops round!

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7/ Book Worms

For some people curling up on the sofa with a good book is sheer heaven. Avid readers will love these literary inspired cushions, plus they make a great place to rest your book when ploughing through a weighty tome. If you are a die hard fan of the printed word or paid up member of the kindle crew, get comfy with a cushions and get lost in a story.


book cushions 

8/ Telly Addicts

We are a nation of telly addicts, and if the success of Gogglebox is anything to go by we love watching TV almost as much as we love watching people watching TV! Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ll be aware of the success of American blockbuster shows such as The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones. This Sheldon Cooper inspired cushion is just the thing for a nerdy cat nap. If you love zombie shows but sometimes need to hide behind a cushion at the gory bits, then grab this cushion for comfort, but shut the window first! Thrones fans will appreciate this nod to the show’s infamous catchphrase, now where did we put the remote?

cush4tv quote cushions Capture

9/ Mad House

For family inspired cushion fun we love these 3 cushions. With kids about the house your sofa probably has to double as a den, fort or climbing frame. These light-hearted and playful cushions will look at home and provide essential ammunition for future pillow fights

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10/ Sofa Sloth

Now we love our sofas as much as the next person, but some people take sofa devotion to a whole new level. If you and your sofa are inseparable and you’re a confirmed couch potato then check these designs out. If you’re napping, loafing, chillaxing, vegging out or catching some zzzzz’s do it with a cushiony accompaniment.

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