Bank Holiday Offer To Style Your Sofa With Perfection.

To style your sofa perfectly we are adding a FREE Herringbone Throw to all bank holiday furniture orders. With your furniture order, you will receive a beautiful natural colour herringbone throw, made from 100% cotton. Measuring at 225x250cm this generously sized throw will not only style your sofa perfectly but is ideal for those nights in watching a movie on the sofa. Offer ends midnight Monday 29th May so place your order quick!

But why do you need a sofa throw?

You may be thinking your room looks a little sad and possibly lacks style and panache. Well, we have the cure for your interior design blues to give your room a lift in colour, texture and what is this amazing remedy I hear you say? A new sofa throw of course!
So throw (excuse the pun) your plans out for the weekend and let's plan on dressing up your sofa with some fantastic sofa throw styles.

But what is the best way to dress your sofa with a throw?

Well, there actually quite a few methods to nailing this interior home style:

The Casual Cascade

architecturaldigest Credit:

No this is not just draping the throw over the side of the sofa, well it is, but we won't tell anyone if you don't. This can give a relaxed look to your room with added texture, perfect for those who enjoy an afternoon nap and a cuddle whilst watching a movie. This style doesn't take much effort so grab your throw and well throw it.

The Corner Fold

Freshome Credit:

This takes a little more effort as the former style as it requires folding the throw meticulously in place, but fear not! This style adds a level of chic to your room the casual cascade could only dream of. To achieve this style fold the throw length ways and in half again. Position it with an angle on the corner of your sofa or chaise to really show off this style.

The Strategic Positioning

nisa_faher credit: IG @nisa_faher

Switch things up by adding scatters and a throw, strategically place them around on your sofa to create a style perfect for you. This lets you perfectly add a little pattern and colour into your sofa, tying in with other decors around your room.

The Backdrop

living_parisienne Credit: IG @living_parisienne

Perfect for adding colour to your sofa in an instant. This style looks great from afar and up close. Covering the back of your sofa in this way will also protect it against any wear marks over time. Also if you have a pet who likes to perch, this style is great for keeping those muddy paws off the top of the sofa too.

There you have it, our favourite throw styles. So get your new sofa and throw today at and start planning your favourite throw style to inject some style with a purpose into your home.

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