A Very Special Sofa Delivery to The Amber Foundation

Every year we refresh our showroom models with our new range of fabrics and styles and the previous season's nine models are then added to our annual clearance sale, where customers can bag a great bargain.

This year however we wanted to do something a little different, we wanted to send one sofa to a new home where its arrival would be a big surprise!

Here at Sofa Bed Sofa we know that it's the personal touch that matters. A handwritten delivery note, a courtesy phone call to let you know your order is on its way. We wanted to take this company ethos a little further and do something to support our local community.

Over morning coffee and biscuits we had the bright idea to donate one of our clearance models to a local charity. This would give us the opportunity to give something back to the local community which has been the source of our skilled craftsmen and the home of our furniture factory.


Finding the right cause to donate to was a little tricky given the fact that we were donating a sofa bed! It's not your average donation after all, most people send an oversized cheque! We decided that probably a residential centre with communal living areas would be the right type of organisation to approach and that's when we found The Amber Foundation.


With residential bases in Wiltshire, Surrey and Devon they are a small charity but highly effective at helping homeless unemployed young people make a lasting change in their life. They offer practical training opportunities, outdoor activities, and peer support. As luck would have it their residential centre in Trowbridge was getting refurbished and we knew just the finishing touch to complete the make over!


So last Wednesday after a few phone calls, emails and excited conversations we drove down to The Amber Foundation's Bythesea Lodge residential centre to meet the team and five 'Amberteers' - Taylor, Dom, Pete, Lenny and Immie. We decided that our 2015 Jumbo sofa bed in a vibrant velvet would be a good model for the centre, and with a bit of team effort we got it inside. Our big and bold Polka design fitted really well into the newly revamped living room, and as luck would have it coordinated nicely with the artwork that hung above it, what a happy accident!

If you would like to know more about The Amber Foundation and how they help young people in the Trowbridge area or find out more about how you can help then click here.




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