6 tips for small spaces and multifunctional living

Most of our sofa bed customers have turned to multifunctional furniture due to space restrictions, and need a stylish and workable solution to house extra overnight guests. If you’re downsizing then problems can arise when trying to fit all your existing furniture into a smaller property. Those who are taking their first step on the property ladder may also have issues, as the UK’s new-build homes are officially the smallest in Western Europe!

Whatever reason leads you to considering a sofa bed, we’ve put together some top tips to help maximise the use of your multifunctional space and keep your home feeling spacious and stylish.

1/ Invest in a stylish and hard-wearing sofa bed.

A good sofa bed that is comfortable to sit on and provides the perfect night’s slumber will be worth its weight in gold. Choose your sofa bed in a neutral colour and it won’t date as interior fashions change. Simply update its look with new and colourful accessories like cushions and a throw.


2/Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors are a great way to make a space feel larger, and they help to bounce light around a room. If you have a living space that also needs to convert to a bedroom then a mirror is also a very handy addition for overnight guests. You can add a sense of space with a large statement mirror or create a mirror wall, similar to a picture wall in design.




3/ Create zones

Helping a multifunctional room transition from one use to another can effectively and inexpensively be done by creating zones. Creating the feeling of different zones within a room can be achieved by painting certain walls, drawing a cleverly placed curtain or by using a traditional free-standing room screen. Keep colours light to maintain the feeling of space, and choose a slightly darker tone of the same colour for the walls orientated next to the bed area. Once your sofa bed is extended into the sleeping position the zones will make visual sense and provide a feeling of unity.

If you’d like to screen off the sleeping area and provide more privacy then a curtain can easily be hung on ceiling-mounted runners, enabling you to draw it into position and tidy it away. A traditional standing screen divider can add a pop of colour to a room and also some much needed privacy for guests.







4/ Think up, not out

With floor space at a premium you can make the most of your square footage by making your walls do most of the work. When it comes to storage begin to think up, not out. A mix of open and closed storage will actually help the space to feel open and airy. It may feel logical to store all your belongings away out of site in large furniture but too many big solid pieces in the same room can begin to feel oppressive. Shelves from floor to ceiling on one wall can create a colourful display and also provide a huge amount of storage. Mounting your TV on the wall will eliminate the need for a TV table, freeing up precious floor space. Don’t overlook that odd corner or niche either; could it possibly house some shelves?




5/ Play with light

Lighting is a great way to change the mood in a room, but lamps tend to need tables and tables take up space. Wall-mounted lighting could be the perfect solution. Choose a range of lighting styles to fit each use of the room; for daytime you may want bright lighting that is able to be directed and angled, while for the evening you may want softer up-lighting to create a relaxed calming atmosphere.


6/ Secret storage

Storage that doubles up as functional furniture is a great way to save space and tidy away unsightly items without needing to have obvious storage on display. A hollow Ottoman or boxy footstool is a great way to introduce additional seating and it can also be used as a coffee table. Choosing one the same height and similar colour as your existing sofa will mean that you can use it to extend your sofa seating, and have your very own corner group when required.




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